Rule The World Album Released!

We’re so excited by the release of Take That tribute band, Rule The World’s first covers album!

Rule The World have been touring Europe for over 8 years as a Take That tribute band, playing to audiences of 20,000 plus!  Theatres, festivals, cruise liners, stadiums, you name it, they’ve done it!  One of their best moments as a band has to be when they appeared on BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show alongside the REAL TAKE THAT!!  When Dan Maines, who plays Gary Barlow introduced himself the real Gary exclaimed “He sound’s like me!!”.
As the interview progressed the Take That star continued with his praise saying “They’re very good these boys!”, you can’t get a better accolade than that!

After the filming the two bands had a chance to properly meet. It’s safe to say that ‘Take That’ fully appreciate and endorse all the hard work that Rule The World have put in to creating their show! We couldn’t agree more with them, the show is outstanding!


Earlier this year the band announced they would be keeping their act current, and would become a three-piece band!  Alongside this, they announced their upcoming album, something that their fans have been pleading for, for numerous years!  Here’s just a few of the responses they received to the announcement via social media platforms Facebook and Twitter;


“Well done. I look forward to hearing this. TT fan from the 90 and u had my support from the first time I saw u. Xx” Joanne Smith


“Great news on the Album guys, looking forward to it, good luck” – @garethrobertfox


“Well done lads…
You are all so dedicated in what you do and extremely talented
Can’t wait to buy it” – Marijka Derry


“Aww well done guys! Very exciting, can’t wait to hear it! xx” – @traceywray


The album comprises of 15 Take That covers, including 3 Live songs!  Spanning from the old favourites Relight My Fire, Back For Good and Pray, to the very latest hits These Days, Get Ready For It and everything in-between!  This is an album sure to please any fan!


Track List

The previews we’ve heard sound fantastic and we can’t wait to receive our copies!  If you haven’t already bought a copy, you can CLICK HERE to head over to the Rule The World website to purchase yours right now!

We have a few events with Rule The World coming up, what better way to get in the mood than by listening to their album?!

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